Soft Skills

"Hard skills can get you hired, but lack of soft skills or lack thereof get you fired".

Soft skills Development is a powerful certification course for professionals who aspire to be Facilitators. Our soft skills training offers all the resources and tools needed for effective communication skills that will help you desing presentation, negotitate, conflict resolution or assertiveness skills for group or individual.

The course is extremely practical in nature and will power-up your soft-skills, the trainers are consistently delivering soft skills development programs.

What you will learn in this course?

  • Enhance your understanding of learning styles and how to accommodate them in the classroom
  • Understand the key principles of effective communication in a workshop setting
  • Identify strategies to create a no-risk environment
  • Use a variety of training techniques to stimulate participation
  • Develop a plan and prepare for an effective training session
  • Practice thinking on your feet in a safe environment
  • Identify advanced interventions for difficult situations
  • Practice the skills needed for a team presentation
  • Distinguish facilitation from instruction and training.
  • Identify the competencies linked to effective small group facilitation.
  • Understand the different between content and process.
  • Identify the four stages of team development and ways to help teams through each stage.
  • Use common process tools to make meetings easier and more productive.
  • Recognize the importance of considering the participants and their training needs, including the different learning styles and adult learning principles.
  • Know how to write objectives and evaluate whether these objectives have been met at the end of a training session.
  • Develop an effective training style, using appropriate training aids and techniques.
  • Understand the importance of an instruction guide to help a trainer prepare and deliver effectively and consistently.
  • Conduct a short group training session that incorporates these training concepts.