Risk Management

PMi's Risk Management Certification Training

PMI – RMP Certification Training Program provides participants the advanced skills needed to execute business strategies effectively. The RMP certificatoin demonstrates that your expertise in all areas of managing risks, insurance purchase, business continuity, health and safety and corporate governance to specialist skills and knowledge. 

The course is designed to provide you with an indepth knowledge about today's highest priorities for riks management such as identifying, analyzing, controlling, financing, administering operational risks, political risk, juridical risks, legal risks and more. The skills you will learn will make youmore proactive and valuable to your organization.

PMI-RMP Requirements

To apply for the PMI-RMP, you need to have either:

A four-year degree (bachelor’s or the global equivalent), with at least 3,000 hours of project risk management experience and 30 hours of project risk management education. 


A secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) with at least 4,500 hours of project risk management experience and 40 hours of project risk management education.

Enterprise Risk Management Solution

  1. Identify national and/or international Risk Management Standards.
  2. Design and draft Risk Management Framework.
  3. Develop Risk Management Plan & Procedures as per the identified relevant standards.
  4. Design and develop Risk Reporting System, Risk Monitoring & Control System, and company specific Risk Register Template.
  5. Draft Risk Management Policy Statement.
  6. Draft Risk Management Commitment Statement.
  7. Design and draft of Communication Strategy that shall make company employees aware of the Risk Management System elements and shall successfully secure employees commitment and support to the implementation of Risk Management System.
  8. Develop and Implement Communication Tools & Techniques that shall be clear to all employees, their respective roles and responsibilities concerning risk management system.
  9. Draft detailed roles & responsibilities of employees concerning Risk Management System.

Who should apply?

The PMI-RMP demonstrates skill and competence in the specialized area of project risk management. If you’re looking to fill the risk management specialist role on your project team, hone your basic project management skills and showcase your specialized expertise to employers, the PMI-RMP credential is for you.